What is RuneBanks?

A place to Win Moneys! Okay lets go into a few more details shall we?

RuneBanks is a simple game, you enter in a bet and select a chance (which determines your potential profit). After you roll the dice a random number is generated using our provably fair algorithm. If the number falls within your green win region, you win! We're mobile optimized and ready to roll! Pun intended.

How do I get Currency Gold?

There are several ways to obtain oldschool Runescape gold currency including the RuneBanks faucet is one way. Other ways will be giveaways, competitions, through trading, and deposting direclty from oldschool runescape.

How do I Play RuneBanks?

Pick a bet, 0.01 is the minimum. Pick a chance, which reflects your numbers and payout amounts by using the slider or input methods. You can raise or lower your chances per/bet. A random number between 0-99.99 will be generated upon each roll. The button in the middle of the board is your over/under win target. If you're over or under your chosen bet target, you win!

Below the bet board, you will see a set of icons. One icon is to change your server and client seed anytime. The other icon is to show you shortcuts to place bets with your keyboard. Please note: keyboard shortcuts are disabled when chat is open. We do this, so you don’t accidentally roll the dice before you intended to do so.

How do I Play using AutoBet?

AutoBet will give you a unique way to play the game on an autonomous level. Below are some of the ways it can be currently used.

The amount you place as your Bet is referred to as your Base So if you start autobet with a bet of 50, if you set it to Return to Base on win, then every time you win the next bet in the sequence will reset to 50.

How does the Faucet Work?

The faucet distributes OSRS 07 Gold that you can use to play the game. You receive 15k OSRS 07 at a time and can claim up to 4 times per day. You can claim if your balance is 0 and you have net losses equal or more than the amount you've received from the faucet.

Is there a House Edge?

Yes there is a slight house edge. The current house edge is 1% - much lower than some casinos which have edges as high as 15%!

What is the "House Edge"?

The house edge is built in to the payouts. For example if you play the 50% game and win, you receive 1.98 times your bet as your payout. If there was no house edge, you would receive 2 times your bet. 1.98 is 1% less than 2. That is the house edge.

How Do I Trust Gameplay is Fair & Legitimate?

The server seed hash, client seed, and nonce are all available to you before you place a bet which ensures there is no way the game can cheat you. You can reference all these values on your personal bet log to easily validate your bets. You can read more on the Provably Fair page.

What is the "Max profit"?

The max profit represents the maximum amount the house is willing to risk per bet. Your potential profit per/bet cannot be more than the maximum profit the house is willing to pay out. This is 5% of the house investments with a max profit per/bet at 2000MCurrency Gold

Do You Offer an Affiliate Program?

Yes. You can passively earn income when people sign up using your referral link. More information can be found in your user dashboard.

What if I can't stop?

We want all RuneBanks players to have fun above all, but we understand that online gambling can become a serious addiction and have negative effects on your life. RuneBanks is a game of chance. There is no memory between rounds, so increasing the amount you wager after consecutive losses does not affect your odds. If you would like your account to be blocked from betting, please contact our support from the user dashboard.

Additional Resources

Do you have a bug bounty program?

Absolutely. Bounties will be paid out at our discretion and bounty amount depends on the severity of the bug. You may report them by contacting support through your account dashboard.